RIVERSIDE Gayndah-Attraction

motel units north facing

Old School Sixties Style Motel

If you have ever wondered what it was that made Tom Waites and Bob Dylan write such evocative songs and don't find yourself on Route 66, or don't particularly want to, then stay in the motel at the Riverside.  There are not enough words in the English language to describe the experience, only music and poetry will give you the "edge" you need to do it justice.  Renewed but not insulted by being updated, if you ignore the microwave and flatscreen TV, every person owes it to themselves to experience this once in their life. Put it on your bucket list and stay the night to tick it off.

Upsidedown Bridge

Ideraway Railway Bridge, known as the "upside down bridge".  This and several other bridges in the region are the subject of many a study tour or just plain siteseeing.  The hand hewn railway tunnel that is home to a colony of Microbats also makes it into this list of must photo stops. Information can be obtained from the museum as to the whereabouts and accessibility of these sites.

Sixties Style Service Station

Retro Gadjets and Vintage Motorcycles, a Geiger Counter and a Space Invaders Machine, pressed metal chairs and timber slabs.  What more could you ask for?   Some of the distractions we have to make the wait disappear when you order from the kitchen.  It is well worth it, we bake burger buns and sausage rolls ourselves.  We are also purveyors of Adelaides famous Rio Coffee, flown in and fresh ground for a coffee experience that belies the location. All this and you haven't even left the premises.

Claude Wharton Recreation Area

Minutes north of the park on the Burnett Highway you will find a turnoff to the Claude Wharton Recreation Area.  A boat ramp a small lake with Bass, Yellowbelly, Catfish, yabbies and Ceratodus (Lung Fish). Picnic tables and fireplaces in a bush setting. Take off your watch and enjoy yourselves.

See the display of live lungfish at Gayndah Museum

Gayndah Museum Precinct

On the left hand side of Capper St when heading south from the Riverside Motel, Caravan Park and Service Station you will find the Gayndah Museum Precinct and Information Center. An excellent explanetry display of the Ceratodus (Lungfish) and several historic buildings, the museum also has a large collection of historic machinery including a working steam engine. Visit